Panorama Monopoli a city-wide exhibition curated by Vincenzo de Bellis


Panorama Monopoli
a city-wide exhibition curated by Vincenzo de Bellis
1 – 4 September 2022
On the occasion of the 59th International Art Exhibition – the Venice Biennale –
Thursday 21 April, at the Abbey of San Giorgio Maggiore on the Island of San Giorgio
in Venice, ITALICS presents the new edition of “Panorama” (1 – 4 September 2022)
and announces the presentation of the Italics d’Oro award to the Italian artist and
photographer Lisetta Carmi.
ITALICS, the first consortium in Italy to bring together over sixty of the most authoritative
ancient, modern and contemporary art galleries throughout Italy, has chosen Monopoli
(Bari) for the second edition of the city-wide exhibition “Panorama”, curated by Vincenzo de
Bellis, Curator and Associate Director of Programs, Visual Arts at the Walker Art Center in
“Panorama” is the special event ITALICS periodically holds in some of the most extraordinary
places in the Italian landscape. After last year’s first edition on the wonderful island of
Procida, from Thursday 1 to Sunday 4 September 2022, ITALICS is organizing a new
itinerary in one of the most fascinating places on the Adriatic coast.
The ancient seaside village of Monopoli, in the heart of the Apulian coast along the “Costa
dei Trulli”, retains a secular stratification of the history of human civilization in its ancient
settlement and surrounding walls, in the land of farmhouses, centuries-old olive trees, castles
and abbeys. The medieval historic center is a maze of pedestrian streets, typical chiassi –
quaint narrow passageways – and ancient piazzas, a gem of popular housing interspersed
with sumptuous religious buildings and splendid aristocratic homes. And right in these
streets, the second edition of the city-wide “Panorama” exhibition will be held in early
September of 2022. Art, architecture, antiquity and contemporary art, experiences and
opportunities for further knowledge: once again, ITALICS will offer an enriching calendar of
special events open to the public, happenings and side initiatives.
“Panorama Monopoli” once again confirms a unique exhibition experience. It is an extension
of ITALICS, which is in a position to bring the ancient, modern and contemporary, styles,
techniques and multifaceted approaches together in art itineraries designed to reveal the
more authentic but obscure aspects of our country, a live continuation of the extraordinary
journey launched in 2020 on the web pages of the Italics.art platform.
On the occasion of “Panorama Monopoli”, ITALICS is delighted to announce that this year’s
Italics d’Oro award celebrates Lisetta Carmi, and her fundamental artistic experience and
Each edition of “Panorama” recognizes and celebrates an artist who has an intense
relationship with the territory where the city-wide exhibition is held. The first Italics d’Oro
protagonist, in 2021, was Daniel Buren, an artist who has had a very special relationship with
the island of Procida for over thirty years.
Since 1979, the artist and photographer Lisetta Carmi (Genoa, 1924) has lived in
Cisternino, Puglia, where she founded a meditation community. As Lisetta Carmi herself
explained, her relationship with photography began in Puglia: “I started shooting with a small
Agfa Silette camera without any preparation. It was 1960, and I went to Puglia with my ethnomusicologist friend Leo Levi. We went to San Nicandro Garganico, where a group of Jewish
students of the mystic and clairvoyant Donato Manduzio lived, in the Jewish catacombs of
Venosa, in Alberobello. I used nine rolls to document those beautiful and interesting places. I
had never taken a photo in my life.”
The Monopoli edition of the Italics d’Oro is being awarded with the following motivation:
“Lisetta Carmi is a great Italian artist who has distinguished herself with work that is well
ahead of the times, and for this reason, still extremely topical today. Her photographs
document subjects and realities that have rarely been shown, some of the first to use an
artistic approach in documentary photography, shedding light on class tensions, gender
issues, visions of eroticism and power.”
The galleries participating in “Panorama Monopoli” are: A arte Invernizzi, ADA, Galerie
Rolando Anselmi, Alfonso Artiaco, Bottegantica, Galerie Canesso, Cardi Gallery, Clima,
Galleria Continua, Galleria Raffaella Cortese, Thomas Dane Gallery, Massimo De Carlo,
Galleria Tiziana Di Caro, Alessandra Di Castro, Galleria Umberto Di Marino, Ermes Ermes,
Fanta-MLN, Galleria Fonti, Gagosian, Galleria dello Scudo, Giacometti Old Master Paintings,
kaufmann repetto, Laveronica Arte Contemporanea, Galleria Lia Rumma, Magazzino, Gió
Marconi, Martina Simeti, Mazzoleni, London-Torino, Galleria Massimo Minini, Francesca
Minini, Monitor, Moretti Fine Art, Maurizio Nobile Fine Art, Galleria Franco Noero, Galleria
Lorcan O’Neill, Galleria Carlo Orsi, P420, Peola Simondi, Giorgio Persano, Pinksummer,
Porcini, Richard Saltoun Gallery, Galleria Russo, Sant’Andrea de Scaphis, Schiavo Zoppelli
Gallery, SpazioA, Studio Sales di Norberto Ruggeri, Studio Trisorio, Caterina Tognon Arte
Contemporanea, Tommaso Calabro Galleria d’Arte, Tornabuoni Arte, Tucci Russo Studio per
l’Arte Contemporanea, Galleria Federico Vavassori, VEDA, Galleria Carlo Virgilio & C.,
Vistamare, ZERO…
As a run-up event to “Panorama Monopoli” in the spirit of ITALICS, combining art and
landscape, Thursday, 21 April 21, on the occasion of 59th International Art Exhibition – the
Venice Biennale – ITALICS is sending out an invitation to an exclusive visit to the Abbey of
San Giorgio Maggiore on the Island of San Giorgio in Venice. Visitors will be guided in the
discovery of two extraordinary 16th-century Italian works, normally not shown to the public. A
unique opportunity to learn about two masterpieces preserved at the Benedictine complex:
“The Deposition” (1592-1594) by Jacopo Robusti, known as Tintoretto, and “Saint George
Killing the Dragon” (1516) by Vittore Carpaccio.
Attendance is by invitation or with press accreditation, subject to availability.
“Panorama Monopoli” is supported by Regione Puglia and Comune di Monopoli.
ITALICS is the first consortium in Italy to bring together more than sixty of the leading contemporary,
modern and ancient art galleries operating throughout Italy. Based on an idea by Lorenzo Fiaschi
(Galleria Continua) and Pepi Marchetti Franchi (Gagosian), it was launched in 2020.
The underlying aim of ITALICS is to develop new opportunities for cultural and personal interaction
between art enthusiasts (and not only), giving shape to projects that embrace Italy’s cultural heritage
and landscape in terms of art and rediscovery. It adopts a multidisciplinary approach and aims to forge
profound links with the Italian territory.
With the target of showcasing Italy and its unique features through the eyes of gallery owners, a
working group was set up comprising Alfonso Artiaco, Ludovica Barbieri (Massimo De Carlo),
Massimo Di Carlo (Galleria dello Scudo), Francesca Kaufmann (kaufmann repetto), Massimo
Minini, Franco Noero and Carlo Orsi. Motivated by the wish to create a widespread national network
based on co-operation and the sharing of experiences, the nine gallery owners invited other galleries
throughout the Italian peninsula and islands to take part in the project. These include some of the most
established national and international galleries, as well as emerging and experimental players. Today,
ITALICS is a highly dynamic and constantly evolving group.
In September 2021, the ideas, inspirations and commitment of the Consortium led to the first edition of
the exhibition “Panorama”, curated by Vincenzo de Bellis, held on the island of Procida (near Naples),
Italian Capital of Culture 2022. ITALICS periodically puts on this special multi-venue exhibition in some
of the most stunning places of the Italian landscape, creating timeless itineraries for visitors.
To keep up to date with the list of Consortium partners and current and future activities, please visit
the website www.italics.art.
ITALICS Art and Landscape
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