MATERIA_Independent Design Festival Catanzaro, 6th October 2020

Independent Design Festival
Catanzaro, October 2020

“materia sospesa”

“I started from the processions at sea, the typical religious festivals that see Virgin Mary parade on boats, and I made a list of sacred objects, such as the ostensory, the altar, the throne, the kneeling. Then I involved designers and friends Elena Salmistraro, Sara Ricciardi, Matteo Cibic and Tommaso Spinzi to reinvent these symbols, using their style and their imagination, in collaboration with Calabrian and Italian artisans”.

Antonio Aricò

After the success of the first 4 editions, Materia Independent Design Festival, the most important event in Southern Italy dedicated to design, returns in a capacity related to the current historical moment that we are experiencing. Designed and organized by Officine AD by the architects Domenico Garofalo and Giuseppe Anania, in the capital of the Calabria region, Catanzaro, the 5th edition took place from 2 to 4 October 2020 under the artistic direction of Antonio Aricò, Calabrian designer known on the international scene, expression of the true sense of Italian design, fusion of craftsmanship, design and poetry, creator of iconic objects , a consultant for world-leading companies and known for “stories and stories that go beyond the project”.

“Materia that this year has as its title “Materia Sospesa” / “Suspended Matter”, to emphasize the climate of uncertainty in which we live, reinterprets and redesigns the images of Calabria and Mediterranean culture” The fifth edition, this year invites designers to reimagine the religious symbols and furnishings of the churches. The result are unusual objects, which overturn the traditional Calabrian imagery.